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The design of individual houses

Statistically, 70% of developers prefer to build an object on individual draft. The rest chooses typical projects and adapts it for necessary conditions of exploitation. A beginner cannot develop all necessary documents, the layout and every piece of décor. At best, the layout will be average quality and the building will be uncomfotable for exploitation. At worse, the as load-carrying will be fragile.
The advantages of professional project:
The main advantage is a reduction in budge, an increase in the resources, original architecture, the integration of landscape in environment. The design of individual houses of up to 3 floors and total area up to 3000 m2 provides:
A comfortable layout for exploitation
To raise the status of owner due original architecture
An inexpensive or elite exterior of faced
A quality interior, which is met all requirements of owner
Durable supporting structures due professional judgments
The responsibility of one our studio for the result of all works
Our studio makes not only the development of documentation for building cottage and others blocking architecture shapes, but also the construction small architectural shapes:
guest houses.
The building for servants or technical staff.
Housekeeping granary.
The design of exterior is popular with owners of new and second houses. It provides the originality of object, a power increase of the structure, which is provided by the fence of curtain wall from the effects of the environment. Besides this, our studio provides the following services:
1.The reorganization of second homes. It involves the repair, the rebuilt, the strengthening the foundation, facade, roof, attic, repartitioning work of residential and non-residential premises.
2.The design and the end of building of “freeze” object. The combination or the division of rooms, a superstructure and an annex.
Our studio offers the optimal combination of good prices, high quality of documents and also minimum terms of work performance.