проектирование индивидуальных жилых домов, дизайн интерьеров, дополнительные услуги

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The design of individual houses

If your consciousness tells you that it's time to look for new concepts for your home, give it modern lines and forms, dramatically change the space of the house and the ways of using it, if you want to get more from your home, our individual projects are just for you.
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Design interior

Our architectural and design studio allows everyone to order a stylish, fashionable, creative or classic design of a comfortable apartment or other facility in Moscow, Moscow region, a project that will meet all your expectations. We help our clients to solve complex problems, which connect with the construction and repair of apartments, country houses. Our goal is to design your interior and organize realization of it, saving you from all technical and organizational difficulties.

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Lighting design

The role of light interior design has increased dramatically over the past few years. With the help of light, we achieve amazing results with one click of the switch, modifying the interior and exterior of a house or apartment. The development of a lighting system is one of the most important elements of the designer's work when he or she creates various images of the room. Unlike spatial relations, furniture, various accessories, which are fundamentally static, the lighting design is indefenetly dynamic, both in itself and on the environmental impact

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Interactive presentation project

Interactive presentation of the project is the new level of interiors. Beautiful glossy albums with photorealistic 3D images there's always. It's very nice to look through the album with the image of own interior in future! And suppose how exciting it is to be in your virtual interior and, as in modern games, to walk around your house, hear how the music sounds from your audio system, watch a movie in your home theater, feel the coolness from the fountain in your garden!

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