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Design project for citizens the world

The structure of this package can enter any of the listed packages does not includes "supervision" and "project support".

To the price of the selected package will be added to article traffic cost 1-2 trip to you

– 1) measurements (after signing the contract and receiving the advance payment)

- 2) transfer ready (agreed in electronic form) of the project

Your benefit:

• On the project of your interior will work best Russian designers, with the Russian mentality, who will be able to realize all your wishes, consider all your needs and opportunities.

• You can always order additional drawings.

• Payment is required on the Internet, which is very convenient and does not require time-consuming.

• You save money because this service is much cheaper than our Western counterparts.

• The predictable result of the work because the project that you receive will be of the same quality as the work in our portfolio.

• Your presence at the measurements do not have.

Specifics of the removal:

We work on 50% prepayment.

Working remotely, via the Internet.

Such communication between customer and developer has a number of advantages:

• greatly accelerates the process of transmitting information, does not require wasting time on travel, and most importantly, eliminates unpleasant delays and disruptions of meetings.

• we keep in touch via e-mail, phones, Skype.

• meetings and negotiations occur if you call in advance or online.