проектирование индивидуальных жилых домов, дизайн интерьеров, дополнительные услуги

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комфорт, роскошь и индивидуальность - вот девиз нашей компании.

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The customer gets his hands on 2-3 of the premises in the form of 3d images of the future interior.

The customer has the ability 1 time to make a change. Subsequent changes are subject to a surcharge. The service cost is only 30% higher than the cost of 3D visualization.

That includes service 3D interior concept?

We entirely invent or think out your idea of the project and render the.

This service is suitable for you if

1. You have an object for designing.

2. You have a rough idea of what you want.

3. You fully trust me with the implementation of the project of the future interior.

The main advantages of the concept:

1. The concept is done quickly. You get the desired result expected quality on time.

2. We can offer a solution based on the plan, reference (a picture of what you like) and a brief description of what you want. See references for style.

3. Trusting us with your project, you get affordable, high-quality design. You save money because this service is cheaper than a full design project.

4. After delivery and approval of the concept, there is always the possibility to remove drawings and approximate dimensions with 3D.

5. There is a possibility to draw a draft on the agreed 3D images for a short time and available money.

Your benefit:

• Your presence is not required!

• Enough of the BTI plan with dimensions, and in three days you will receive original ideas for your apartment


• You can always order additional drawings.

• Payment is required on the Internet, which is very convenient and does not require time-consuming.

• You save money because this service is much cheaper than the complete design project.

Features of work.

We work on 100% advance payment, because we give you a ready idea of the interior.3D conterere home interior

Working remotely, via the Internet.

Such communication between customer and developer has a number of advantages:

• greatly accelerates the process of transmitting information, does not require wasting time on travel, and most importantly, eliminates unpleasant delays and disruptions of meetings

• we keep in touch via email, phone, Skype

• meetings and negotiations occur if you call in advance or online

• thanks to the price a design project acceptable to everyone