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4. Design-project «VIP» 120 $./ м2;

    Development of projects under option "Author's elite - Elite design" is a complex of design services on a design project.

    Customers who ordered the "Author elite design Elite" version of the design project, shift on shoulders of professionals for the selection of furniture and finishing materials and realization of a design project of the interior!

    This package includes concept development interior design and project documentation, selection of furniture and finishing materials and control of construction works.

    DP-1 Measurement drawing with reference utilities.

    DP-2 design Options 1-2 options.

    DP-3 Style and color solutions (1-2 options).

    DP-4 Plan after redevelopment.

    DP-5 Plan of construction dismantling and Assembly of the scale.

    DP-6 Plan of arrangement of furniture (1-2 options).

    DP-7 Plan floors, layout of materials.

    DP-8 Plan of ceilings.

    DP-9 lighting Scheme with bindings.DP-10 layout of lighting, distribution lines for switches.

    DP-11 layout of outlets.

    DP-12 floor Plan, layout of materials.

    DP-13 the Slits on the ceiling of each room.

    DP-14 the Circuit of a warm floor.

    DP-15 layout of door


    DP-16 Scheme of air-conditioning.

    DP-17 Scheme unfolding of kitchen equipment.

    DP-18 the Plan of arrangement of sanitary equipment.

    DP-19 Sweep bathrooms with a miscalculation of the material.

    DP-20 sweep the walls of all rooms with the miscalculation of materials and detailed sections for all decorative areas.

    DP-21 Specification for furniture with all clear dimensions and georeferenced to the shops.

    DP-22 Specification for electrical equipment.

    DP-23 Specification of fixtures, calculation of quantity of light on every room.

    DP-24 visualization of the interior in the program with 2-3 per room.

    DP-25 designer supervision of selection of furniture and finishing materials:

    - regular departure of the designer object to two times a week, one on the scene, the second for the selection of materials and furniture shop.Additional visits are coordinated separately.

    - introduction to the drawings adjustments arising after the dismantling of old and construction of new partitions, after leveling floors, walls and ceilings.

    - control and advice for installation and finishing works.

    - advice and monitoring compliance with the execution of this project.

    - reconciliation of accounts with Customer on materials and equipment.

    - selection of finishing materials, furniture and interior items.

    - preparation of commercial proposals with indication of vendors.

    - Choice of kitchen furniture and appliances design project kitchen.

    - The definition of manufacturer of electrical accessories;

    - Preliminary selection of Cabinet and upholstered furniture;

    - Choice of flooring (parquet, laminate, etc.);

    - Preliminary selection of decorative and finishing materials;- Preliminary selection of millwork (doors, Windows, stairways, etc.);

    - Preliminary selection of lighting equipment ;

    Home theaters;

    - Ventilation and air conditioning;

    - Pre-selection of materials;

    - Selection of ceramic tiles;

    -Sanitary equipment selection;

    - Final selection of interior elements and materials;

    - Placing of orders for the selected content;

    - Decoration of rooms (carpets, paintings, blinds and curtains, and other furnishings).

    The cost of the design project, under option "Author VIP - design Elite": 12 thousand RUB/m

    The contract under option "Author VIP - design is Luxury" is 10-16 months (depends on the quadrature of the premises).

    materials and control of construction works.