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1. Design project «Silver» 30 $./м2

This interior design project included a minimal set of services and documentation necessary for cost estimates and project implementation

The project lead times of 5-6 weeks.

· Technical specification

· Preliminary design

· Working draft

Technical task

the album, which includes informational materials and wishes of the Customer), comprising:

· Photographing the object.

· Questioning Of The Customer.

· Explanatory note with the identification of a General direction, concept (style) of the project.

· The measuring plan, with reference to existing engineering communications.

· Zonal division of the object.

The draft design.

The album, comprising:

· Planning decision according to Technical specification, with reference to existing engineering communications.

The customer has the ability 1 time to make a change. Subsequent changes are subject to a surcharge. Cm. The cost of the work.

· The design concept of the object, according to the specifications in the form of collages.

· Selection of finishing materials, furniture, lamps, textiles, sanitary wares and interior items for electronic catalogs on the

each of the premises including toilets and technical premises.

Working draft.

An album of drawings consisting of:

1. The measuring plan, with reference to existing engineering communications.

2. The plan of dismantle of old partitions.

3. Plan the installation of new partitions with explication of premises.

4. The plan of arrangement of furniture, sanitary equipment and heating appliances.

5. Floor plan indicating flooring and articles.

6. Plan Underfloor heating, if any.

7. Ceiling plan, showing the configuration and altitude.

8. Plan of ceilings with cornices, with an indication of the articles.

9. Lighting plan – the lighting fixtures are specified with bindings.

10. Plan of switches location of switches indicating the inclusion of groups.

11. Plan electrical – location of outlets (including low voltage) indicating the height and purpose.

12. The results of those tasks and related organizations to create plans of placing of systems of ventilation and air-conditioning, wiring

water and electrical design.

13. Sweep the walls in places required for the construction;

15. Those. maps of the sanitary equipment.14. The coherent layout of the tiles on the premises with dimensions, article and

square material.

16. Statement filling in the door openings;

17. List of finishing materials with measurements and name on the premises;

18. The statement with the recommended furniture, interior design items, lamps and design of window openings on the premises.

The customer has the ability 1 time to make changes on each of the items. Subsequent changes are subject to a surcharge.

To order interior design "silver", it is enough to call the phone number listed on the website and make an appointment!