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DESIGN-PROJECT «Silver» 30 $./м2;
  • DESIGN-PROJECT «Gold» 50 $./м2;
  • DESIGN-PROJECT «Platinum» 70$./м2;
  • DESIGN-PROJECT «VIP»  120 $./ м2;
  • DESIGN-PROJECT «Infinity»
  • Additional services:

3D conceptinterior – 30 $/ м2
Express layout – 500 $. 3 variant of layout’s solution..
3D –visualizationinterior – 15 $./м².
COPYRIGHTSUPERVISION – 1000 $./month.Moscow and region;outside to Moscow’s region -  +transfer, + hotelroom 4*,5*



1. Design project «Silver» 30 $./м2
This interior design project included a minimal set of services and documentation necessary for cost estimates and project implementation

The project lead times of 5-6 weeks.

· Technical specification

· Preliminary design

· Working draft

Technical task
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2. Design-project «Gold» 50 $./м2;
In this design project includes a set of services and documentation necessary for cost estimates and project implementation. Development time of the project 2 months.

· Technical specification

· Preliminary design

· 3d visualization

· Working draft

Terms of reference (the album, which includes informational materials and wishes of the Customer), comprising:

· Photographing the object.

· The Survey Of The Customer

· Explanatory note with the identification of a General direction, concept (style) of the project.

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  • Design-project «Platinum» 70$./м2;

The main advantages of Platinum design project.

You get a finished project in the form of full color album with all the necessary drawings and photographs of computer visualization facilities.

Lead time of 8-16 weeks.

Platinum design project consists of:

DP-1 Measurement drawing with reference utilities.

DP-2 design Options 1-2 options.

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  • Design-project «VIP» 120 $./ м2;

Development of projects under option "Author's elite - Elite design" is a complex of design services on a design project.

Customers who ordered the "Author elite design Elite" version of the design project, shift on shoulders of professionals for the selection of furniture and finishing materials and realization of a design project of the interior!

This package includes concept development interior design and project documentation, selection of furniture and finishing materials and control of construction works.

DP-1 Measurement drawing with reference utilities.

DP-2 design Options 1-2 options.

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5. Design-project «Infinity» very expensive and very individual

"Infinity" is the infinity luxury in every detail of the interior. It is the creation of an interior, hotel, residence, yacht or aircraft, comparable to a work of art, thanks to the decorative elements of handwork. More work on the sketches of talented designers, skillfully made masters of their craft, not only decorate the interior, they will become true family values and will be for many years to delight and please the eye. "Infinity" is a special approach to the design of the interior and exterior and landscape design.

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The customer gets his hands on 2-3 of the premises in the form of 3d images of the future interior.

The customer has the ability 1 time to make a change. Subsequent changes are subject to a surcharge. The service cost is only 30% higher than the cost of 3D visualization.

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EXPRESS LAYOUT 3-plan for 3 days is $500...
For whom this service is useful?

· Companies, developers of new residential complexes and housing cooperatives. This service will allow much more to carry out transactions of purchase and sale of apartments.

· The customer who doesn't want to order a complete design project, but he needs drawings for the builders or for approval.

· The customer who has no time to look for architectural firms, to pick, to stand in traffic jams.

· The novice designer or the Visualizer, which requires ideas, where all the professional side of design.

· The Builder, a customer who doesn't want to hire a designer, and you repeatedly have to demolish and re-build the wall.

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Design project for citizens the world
The structure of this package can enter any of the listed packages does not includes "supervision" and "project support".

To the price of the selected package will be added to article traffic cost 1-2 trip to you

– 1) measurements (after signing the contract and receiving the advance payment)

- 2) transfer ready (agreed in electronic form) of the project

Your benefit:

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  Lighting design
In the service of lighting design includes:

The selection of lighting brands and equipment (including suppliers) based on the goals and budget of the project

The lighting for the facade or interior in special lighting applications.

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