проектирование индивидуальных жилых домов, дизайн интерьеров, дополнительные услуги

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комфорт, роскошь и индивидуальность - вот девиз нашей компании.

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House with emphasis

Each project of architecture or interior has own history. This house is located near the village of "Chateau Luzhki" and is very unique.The acquaintance with this house, which is declared as “elite”, was extreme. It was not only unfinished construction, but also unfinished construction, which materials were stolen in process of construction. In monolithic reinforced concrete reinforcement, ceilings there was at best 10% of the normative quantity, and there could be no question of welding or twisting. In concrete, the color, which should be saturated dark gray, was visually a dusty gray because the concentration of cement would be sufficient only for a weak plaster.

You can not even imagine how terrible it was to walk on a similar overlap that trembles in the way. Even local laborers moved slowly and only against the wall along this "plasticine" overlap.

The verticality of the walls was not.

After the expertise of the building structures, it was decided this mess to the basement floor (we all surprised that it had acceptable quality)

Our studio together with  the most experienced designer created a project of big (850m2) individual, elite house, building on the already set basement floor.
The construction was carried out by proven builders with constant our monitoring.
And voila - the house stands!
Owners of this house are an young couple Sergey and Natalia. They are very interesting, modern, in my view, people. Their desires and moods change frequently.
And architecture, exterior and interior were created in the vein of consumers.  And how else?

The ground floor is a zone of active entertainment. There is a disco, a bar, a DJ stand, a mobile cinema (folding screen and portable cinema chairs) and a billiard room.
The stylistics of this zone is of course modern, super crazy, hot. The welcome guests of the owners of this house will spend a great weekend there, no worse than in the nightclubs of the center of Moscow. The continuation of the theme of recreation is zone on the 2 rd floor. It is a beautiful, round room with panoramic glazing, with a dome in the form of a starry sky and large loungers (for hookah lovers). The interior in this part of the house acquires an eastern accent.
From the lunar zone you can get to two terraces. There will be small dining rooms for light cocktails, a place for sunbathing, which is protected from prying eyes of neighbors and a fountain.
First floor - left wing - office, right wing - dining room, fireplace, living room.

The second floor is a recreation area, a zone of solitude and sleep. Here are the owners bedroom, children's and guest bedrooms.  
The first and second floors are made with the accent of Artdeko
That's how we created the emotional, energetic, cheerful and unstable house with many shades and accents, the same as us, the same as its owners!