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комфорт, роскошь и индивидуальность - вот девиз нашей компании.

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 Дизайн интерьеров

Правильно созданный гармоничный интерьер жилого дома (офиса, квартиры) – идеальное условие для творчества, работы и жизнедеятельности, находящихся или проживающих в нем людей.




Световой дизайн интерьера — это многоуровневая система из различных осветительных приборов,которая одновременно решает функциональные, эстетические и эмоциональные задачи в соответствии с назначением того или иного помещения,здания.



Если для Вас  дом - это отражение статуса, вкуса, сознания, а не просто место пребывания и хранения вещей, тогда Вам просто необходим индивидуальный проект именно Вашего жилья.




The Magic of Design

The architectural and design studio Natali-vipdizarx

- What is our uniqueness?

We come closer to making interior prom both psychological, NLP, hypnosis and even metaphysics, if you want, point of view.

You may ask why?

For creation of individual space for unique people.

For those, who breaks away from the mundaneness. For those, who requires especial attention. The interior of this person should not be a simple reflection of her or his rich inner world, but should protect her or his, inspires and motivates to development, creativity and business-impulse.

How we do it?

After the first meetings, we do the psych profile of our customer, fix a vector of his or her life growing, diagnose a possible block, which prevents and keeps moving up the ladder of the fate. If the person rises, she or he has more an envious people, few supports and needs the place of power.

Don't be surprised that it is possible to do this in your own house, using the modern modality (psychological, metaphysical, etc.), relevant materials, colors, invoices, forms, sounds, light, pictures, sculptures and, of course, artifacts.

It is new, it is interesting, it is spectacular!

We do castles for big shot persons, may be for you!

To order the design project of interior.

The interior design of a country house is a creative process. It is not only beautiful design of your house also a cycle of Дизайн домов и коттеджей several factors. Firstly, each person is unique. Someone likes a still and shy design, but someone prefers a wild and creative interior. Some of them like conservative accessories, but anyone likes modern. Materials, which is used designers for decoration of your cottage, play also a vital role.

Why people use the designer services for a design project of house interior? All is very simple! Professional designers have extensive experience. For this reason, they can imagine easy how your house will be looked in future already at the stage “naked walls”. Also, they can choose and order quality materials. At the same time, they economize money of client, which is also important.

Sometimes we have clients, who do not know what they want. We gave them a free consultation and can offer a 3D visualization of their country house in future, taking into consideration individual preferences. Speaking simple words, you can see haw will be looked the design and the interior of your house after the job is done. If you want to order a design project or to take a free consultation, you can ring in the architectural and design studio Natali-vipdizarx: 8-985-92-777-00.

The cost of apartment design.

Дизайн квартиры в Москве

The apartment design also requires unique approach. In constant to design of private house, the form of confinement, walls and much more need to be considered. The neighborhood, legislation limit your fancy. However, if you choose our studio, our expertise assume this problems. They have extensive experience in this sphere and closely monitor overall submission compliance. (the architectural supervision of the project)

The apartment design has several parts. Firstly, our expertise listen you carefully, take account of the your preferences and help to create a technical specification of design project. If you want, we do 3D visualization of apartment design in order to you can see beauty, personality and features your home in future. Secondly, our expertise begin to realize this beauty. After the completion of all work you will get the package of documents and we will have another happy client, which is very important for us. Our studio does the design of not only big also small apartments. People might mistake that the elite design of small apartments is simple and less likely to apply for designing. The professional interior of apartments not only creates convenience and emphasizes your individuality, but also visually discloses the room. The cost of this services is available not only for VIP clients, but also for people with common income. If you want to learn the cost of apartment design or to take a free consultation, you can ring in the architectural and design studio Natali-vipdizarx: 8-985-92-777-00.


The cost of designing of houses.

Дизайнерские решения для дома


Our studio offers the service as designing of individual houses. Statistically, 70% of developers prefer to build an object on individual draft. The rest chooses typical projects and adapts it for necessary conditions of exploitation.

The our architecture of individual houses surprises originality and helps to owner to realize own style. A beginner or an amateur cannot develop all necessary documents, the layout and every piece of décor. For this reason, we suggest you let professional handle this.

Our studio has expensive experience in a solution to such problems in order to you can trust us. Rest assured, the result will surprise you. If you choose our studio, we can guarantee you:

- the layout of the premises, which will provide the maximum comfort in exploitation.

- To develop the architecture in classic or original style, which will raise the status of owner.

- To design facade exteriors on budgetary and elite level.

- To develop interiors, which be of high quality and will meet the conditions of client.

- To perform professional calculations, which guarantee the structural strength.

- The responsibility of our studio for the result of all works.

The design of houses at a good price.

Our studio is ready to meet a high quality draft of remodeling. The cost of designing of houses surprises you. The permit documentation is necessary for remodeling of all type and also for the expansion of house. Our studio offers the optimal combination of good prices, high quality of documents and also minimum terms of work performance.

Фото дизайна гостинной

The design of house interior

You can also order the design of house interior. You can be sure that our masters will do everything to make your house unique, which will point out your taste.

Individual approach to each order guarantees that our staff heeds the wishes and makes all at the highest level. Our studio offers the performance of work of any level of difficulty to individual property developers. The most demanded services:

- To design individual houses of up to 3 floors.

- The reconstruction and the reorganization of second homes.

- The redevelopment of several houses.

- To make the design of internal and external environment.

- To use the light in exterior.

- The completion of unfinished buildings.

- To develop farm buildings and others small objects.

- To advice the design to individual clients.

- the architectural supervision of the project.

We practice the individual approach to each case. We can change the typical project if it is necessary for your comfort. We involve the experts from different sphere. For this reason, we abide by fire safety rules and others laws. Experts develop calculations all structures of the house in the process of remodeling. It provides more resources and also an appropriate level of safety.

The architectural supervision of the project and the cost of the architectural supervision.

The architectural supervision of the project does not allow to manifest something wrong in the process of working. Besides this, it guarantees absolute consistency between an exterior, an interior, a landscape and documents. The individual approach allows our clients to realize all wishes. And after all, the result evidences of flawless taste and upgrades the status of owner. The cost of the architectural supervision is computed individually in each case. You can take a consultation by phone, which is given on the site. Our goal is the reduction of exploitation

expenses and the extension between-repairs time. The combination of professional education and expensive experience of our staff allows to reduce the time of working to a minimum.

Small architectural shapes is our goal!

Our studio makes not only the development of documentation for building cottage and others blocking architecture shapes, but also the construction small architectural shapes:

- guest houses. Проектирование и дизайн малых архитектурных форм

- Barbecue and garage.

- Gazebos and baths.

- The building for servants or technical staff.

- Pools.

- Housekeeping granary.

Usually, owners of private houses prefer the development of exterior on the based of individual design. It guarantees an original style of rooms, a power increase of the structure, which is provided by the fence of curtain wall from the effects of the environment. Besides all of this. You can order:

  1. The reorganization of second homes. It involves the repair, the rebuilt, the strengthening the foundation, facade, roof, attic, repartitioning work of residential and non-residential premises.
  2. The design and the end of building of “freeze” object. The combination or the division of rooms, a superstructure and an annex.
  3. The individual design. 22
  4. The interior design of office.
  5. The design project of shop.
  6. The design project of restauran.
  7. The design of studio apartment.
  8. The design of night club.
  9. The design project of office.